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Featured collection


About us

 Varaze pronounced as vraze is Be Ghent’s in house brand whose whole focus is to provide high quality garments at reasonable prices while keeping current hot trends in mind.

Varaze means: Sexy and smooth in fashionable way.

Featured collection

Utopia Collection

Be Ghent Youtube Channel

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Rishi Arora launched a YouTube channel ( Be Ghent ) from his small rented room and started shooting videos from his mobile phone.  Today Be Ghent's team has grown, Equipment has become more advanced and channel has about 1 million subscribers with 50 million+ views. Channel mission statement  is " Everyone is perfect. It's all about knowing your strength & weakness.

Be Ghent merchandise

Being a fashion channel there was huge demand of Be Ghent merchandise. Rishi Arora wanted merchandise to be very fashionable and as per current hot trends. It was very clear merchandise will not  be just T-shirt or Hoodie with simple logo. 

After complete research of quality and trends. 

Be Ghent's merchandise was launched with just 3 designs of hoodies in 2 just colors. 

We were sold out in just 2 days.


After such a huge response from audience Be Ghent started his own in house brand. VARAZE 

In summer 2019, Varaze launched it's urban minimal collection of T-shirts. All half sleeve T-shirt were sold out in pre-booking only that too with all online payment orders.

This winter we came with 5 collections and 45+ Designs of hoodies in 6 different colors.